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1,00,000 Corneal Transplantations

GBN always believe  "The little things that we do today don’t appear to have a very significant impact at the moment. But usually, it’s these little things that plant the seeds for who we want to eventually become" GBN congratulates Sightlife and thanks in making us a partner,  in achieving 10…

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Optometry Workshop

Gomabai in association with Alcon conducted a workshop for Optometry , session was chaired by Dr R K Bhandari as chief guest along with leading ophthalmologists, optometrist & paramedical students in and around neemuch region. Speakers Deepanshu, Hemanth & Khusbu mainly focused on cataract surgery I…

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workshop based on EMR

Is a well-recognised brand, with a pool of committed and loyal supporters from throughout the eye health world. The programme was initially established by International Centre for Eye Health ICEH  to kick start VISION 2020 across the regions. It has been aligned with the WHO Global Action Plan (GAP…

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Myopia Awareness Week

“GBN knows that almost half the world’s population will be myopic by the year 2050, with nearly one billion people in the high myopia category. Myopia Awareness Week is about getting people talking about myopia in homes and optometry practices around the world" 

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