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Sight life Team @ Netralaya

SightLife is an eye bank, a non-profit organization that obtains, medically evaluates and distributes corneas donated by individuals for use in corneal transplantation, research, and education. They have helped GBN in providing tools, training, and resources to our eye bank developing the capacity t…

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Inauguration of Gomabai's 2nd Vision Centre

GBN spreading it's services to Badisadri Community, starting its second vision centre for the Badisadri population of Rajasthan. Centre has been started today with eye awareness talk & a outreach program with chief guest as  Shri Gautam Dak (MLA-Badisadri), Chittorgarh-Rajasthan. & Shri Mahesh Garg(…

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Training @ Shri Sadguru Seva Sangh Trust

Team Gomabai have attended 2 week long intensive training in Optical, Outreach, Operation Theatre, Counselling management. This has helped in upgradation of technical skills & further development of efficient protocols at Netralaya.


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GBN Eye Health Corridors @ Chittorgarh

Gomabai under its Vidya Jyothi School eye health project have created 13 health corridors in Nodals schools across 11 blocks of Chittorgarh, along with which many eye health sessions were also conducted, where the science teachers and children were brainstormed with Eye Care( which included kn…

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