Blog posts March 2018

World Optometry Day: 23rd March

23rd March was marked as World Optometry Day and the following week is observed as World Optometry Week. Gomabai celebrated this day to create awareness about optometry as a profession and on how important is this profession in order to serve the growing needs of eye care across the world 

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World Glaucoma week: March 11-17, 2018

Glaucoma is the name given to a group of eye conditions in which the main nerve to the eye (the optic nerve) is damaged where it leaves the eye. This nerve carries information about what is being seen from the eye to the brain and as it becomes damaged vision is lost. This results in misty and patch…

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Vision 2020: Optometrist Workshop

Gomabai's association with esteemed organization VISION 2020 INDIA takes part in the "Optometrist Workshop on Standardizing Primary Eye Care". Mr Hemant Purswani ( Optometrist ) was part of this workshop at Pushpagiri Vitero Retinal Institute at Secunderbad where the main objective is to strengthen …

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