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Gomabai Netralaya is one of India's foremost Trust-run Ophthalmic Institutes in Central India. The Netralaya was established in 1992 in Nimach by Late G.D.Agrawal, in memory of his mother Smt. Gomabai Darbarilal Agrawal ( उदारमना मातुश्री गोमाबाई दरबारीलाल अग्रवाल ) .

                           सृष्टि पर सबको दृष्टि (eye Donation campaign)


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Though, a small district of approximately 826,067 people, Nimach accounts for maximum per capita eye donations in India. More than 5930 pairs have been donated in this area and 1912 Eyes (Cornea) have been transplanted through surgery by us (Till Mar, 2021). No Doubt, with an amazing awareness among the citizens of Nimach and nearby areas regarding eye donation and 24 hour service of Netralaya for this, has given the city an identity of ' नेत्रदान नगरी ' , 'Eye Donation Capital of India'.

Over the past 50 years, "Corneal Transplantation Surgery" is being performed in our country. However, the important requisite for this surgery is the availability of high quality donor cornea. After death our eyes become dead (like the rest of the body) that we aerate or bury. They can be converted into a priceless gift. You could be instrumental in ensuring an eye donation in time. If someone unfortunately dies in your family or friend circle, eyes have to be enucleated within six hours of time of death. So, loose no time in informing the nearest Eye Bank, or local Lion's Club. IF YOU WANT TO PLEDGE YOUR EYES (DONATE YOUR EYES) CONTACT at the address given below :

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Gomabai Marg, Nimach, Madhya Pradesh - 458441 (India)

   +91-7423-220122, 221526


Normal working Hours - 8:00 am till 6:00 pm (weekdays)  Emergency '24x7'


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