Founder Trustee

Founder Trustee - Late Shri G.D.Agrawal ji

Mr. G.D. Agrawal, the founder father of Netralaya, had a humble beginning. His meteoric rise to fame and fortune was a result of his hard-work, dedication, compassion and sincerity. He was born in a middle class family of Nimach. A man whose youth and ideals were shaped by the freedom movement. He was an active participant of 'Quit India Movement' under Gandhiji. He made a transition to Mumbai in 1944. Starting with a few tuitions in Andheri, he laid the foundation stone of Agrawal classes in 1953, and thus he set himself upon the path that would make him an educationist of national repute; a man whose teachings have shaped the minds of an entire generation of intellectuals and professionals. Mere material success did not appeal to Mr. G.D. Agrawal and with a true philanthropist's view of channeling back into the society the rewards he had reaped from it, he established a trust after his parents name "Smt. Gomabai Darbarilal Agrawal Charity Trust" with the motto to serve the poor in the field of education and health. Several deserving students have been provided scholarships for higher education through this trust.                 

Since Nimach is the native place of Mr. G. D. Agrawal, he had a strong feeling to do something for his native place. This gave him an idea of starting a hospital in Nimach. During those days Nimach was a fast growing center for eye donations but the facility for cornea transplantation was not possible in Nimach. To remove this bottleneck as well as encourage more eye-donations in the area, and with the view to provide most modern eye care at subsidized rates, particularly to the weaker sections of society, Mr. Agrawal set up Gomabai Netralaya.