Operation Theatres


An operating theater, also known as an operating room (OR) or operating suite, is a facility within a hospital where surgical operations are carried out in a sterile environment.

To provide highest standards of surgical care Gomabai Netralaya established world class modular operation theater compiles with 7 modular operating rooms. It is only biggest modular operation theater complex available in the region.  

Medical Shop

A dedicated pharmacy outlet run by Gomabai Netralaya takes care of dispensing drugs & medicines to the patients.




A state-of-the-Art Pathological laboratory with all modern testing equipment and facilities is present in the Netralaya premises to ensure that all diagnostic tests are conducted here itself, facilitating faster treatment of the patients.


Air Conditioned Mobile Van

Netralaya has proper transportation facility ( 2 Buses + 2 SUVs) for assuring that the Doctors, support-staff, medicines and equipment all gets to the Camp sites smoothly and comfortably.


Although GOMABAI is an eye-hospital, still we realise that being a hospital it is most certainly required to have a full-time Physician in the Hospital, The Physician has also a very important role to play in conjunction with the Pathology department to ensure correct and controlled conduction of various diagnostic tests of patients.

Eye Bank


We at GOMABAI have a well equipped eye-bank and are proudly associated with the EYE BANK ASSOCIATION of INDIA.





GOMABAI has ample capacity of Beds/Ward-facility to take care of the patients admitted to the hospital. These are well complimented by amenities and able support staff which is available round the clock. Special care is taken about cleanliness of the Ward.



GOMABAI has one of the best Canteen facilities to be found in entire Nimach. The Healthy and tasty meals are provided to patients and staff. Best quality food is provided at nominal rates in keeping with the spirit of service of GOMABAI.


Optical Shop

An Optical Shop with complete range of optical frames & lenses, is present in-house to ensure that patients who are advised to wear spectacles get their solution in the Netralaya itself.