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Fire Hydrant System & Signages @ GBN

Fire hydrant system & Signages was successful installed and subsequently training was given to staff.


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Vision 2020 Workshop

GBN Participates in every FY in VISION 2020 INDIA which had recently organized the series of four training programs in East, South, West and Central regions of India. Out of which Mr Vinod Rathore (Optometrist- Badisadri VC) participated in "Standardising Primary Eye Care Services". 

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Happy Teacher’s Day @ Netralaya

GBN thank all the teachers and acknowledge their contribution in helping eradication of blindness , especially in rural population They are not just teaching but shaping the character, calibre and future of all these students, inspiring them to fight all odds in the patriarchal society and emerge as…

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National Eye Donation Fortnight (25th Aug-8th Sept)

GBN celebration of the great campaign is go through very well in order to promote the eye donation process as well as to put forth the significant message to the people for being the special part of eye donation or eye pledging for giving normal life to the common public.


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Capacity Building - CUTS, Chittorgarh

Gomabai organizing a capacity building activities with CUTS, chittorgarh. It is is the process by which individuals and organizations obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment and other resources needed to do their jobs competently. It also allows individuals and organizati…

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Staff picnic @ kedareshwar mahadev rampura

Gomabai Netralaya Staff Picnic at Kedareshwar Mahadev Rampura Dist. Neemuch.

2nd Anniversary vision center manasa

Gomabai Netralaya Celebrating 2nd Anniversary of vision center manasa.

Contact Lenses @ Gomabai Netralaya

Contact lenses are alternative to Eyeglasses which offer great relief to the people with refractive error defects. Contact lenses are hassle free and offer crystal clear vision. GBN experienced optometrists evaluate and provide lenses for correcting refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, and a…

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Padmashree Dr. Natarajan launches state-of-the-art modular operation theater in Gomabai Netralaya

विशेषअथिति पुणे के कर्नल डॉ देशपांडे ने गोमाबाई नेत्रालय के प्रबन्धों को सराहा
नीमच,।शक्रवार को गोमाबाई नेत्रालय परिसर में आयोजित एक गरिमापूर्ण…

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Envisage Partners Meet 2019

SNC, Chitrakoot has organized meet for all the partners, this included productive discussion abouts SCALE project and its achievements so far, Outreach Programmes, Vision Centers, Quality assurance, best clinical practices in the industry, Cost containment, Revenue Optimization & generation. This wa…

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Eye Donation Awareness Program @ Gomabai

One day Eye Donation Awareness Program on Hospital Cornea Retrieval Program was organized at Gomabai Netralaya on 05/06/2019. Total 35 participants from Lion Club Nimach, Lions Central Club, Shine Foundation Kota and other NGO members actively participated and provided their valuable feedback and su…

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1,00,000 Corneal Transplantations

GBN always believe  "The little things that we do today don’t appear to have a very significant impact at the moment. But usually, it’s these little things that plant the seeds for who we want to eventually become" GBN congratulates Sightlife and thanks in making us a partner,  in achieving 10…

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Optometry Workshop

Gomabai in association with Alcon conducted a workshop for Optometry , session was chaired by Dr R K Bhandari as chief guest along with leading ophthalmologists, optometrist & paramedical students in and around neemuch region. Speakers Deepanshu, Hemanth & Khusbu mainly focused on cataract surgery I…

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workshop based on EMR

Is a well-recognised brand, with a pool of committed and loyal supporters from throughout the eye health world. The programme was initially established by International Centre for Eye Health ICEH  to kick start VISION 2020 across the regions. It has been aligned with the WHO Global Action Plan (GAP…

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Myopia Awareness Week

“GBN knows that almost half the world’s population will be myopic by the year 2050, with nearly one billion people in the high myopia category. Myopia Awareness Week is about getting people talking about myopia in homes and optometry practices around the world" 

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World Optometry day 2019

World Optometry Day is generally celebrated to create awareness about optometry as a profession. It is an opportunity to shine the spotlight this important eye care profession. Uncorrected refractive errors (URE) affect people of all ages and ethnic groups and are the main cause of vision impairment…

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GBN Eye Bank Training

Mr Kishor Sharma (Optometrist, BAMS) from Mandsaur has been awarded a certificate by our Board Member Mr Anil B Goyal on successful completion of his training on Grief Counselling& Eye Retrieval Technician under the GBN's Eye Banking expansion program in support with Sightlife India.

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National Optometry Conference

GBN's optometrist took part in National conference which was organized by Indore Divisional Optometrist  welfare association at a city hotel on Sunday.Chief guests of the event were health minister Tulsi Silawat, head of International Association of Contact Lens Educators Yashwant Saoji and CEO of O…

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Sight Life Training

Mr S.N Dixit has been trained by Sight Life at Delhi . Training was majorly focused on how receive notifications of deaths from the General  & Private Hospitals and subsequently trying  to approach for  maximum possible donor families along with which there was emphasis on optimum utilisation of cor…

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Road Safety Week

Govt of India organized 30th Road safety week (On the 3rd day of the week), Gomabai along with the support of Yatayat Police station, Nimach have conducted Free Eye Examination , where 105 people were screened - in which 31 glasses prescribed . Along with station staff, majority of the autorickshaw …

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