Community Service



For more than two decades, we have been spreading light into the lives of millions of people,through eye care. One of the stated goals of Gomabai Netralaya is the provision of comprehensive, quality eye-care of international standards to all patients, irrespective of their socio-economic status through indoor and outdoor camps. A glimpse at figures substantiates Netralaya's    work :

  • Approximately an area of 300 kilometers in diameter (with GOMABAI at its center)  spanning over 9 major districts has been reached and serviced.
  • Around 40 places big and small have been covered .. These include -  Chhoti-sadri, Boheda, Khajuri, Kanod, Narayangarh, Karju, Morvan, Bhanpura, Thadod, Chanderia, Budha, Lambakhoh, Chikarda, Bhatoli, Khijankheda, Pandoli, Parsoli, Nimbaheda, Jawad, Bhadesar, Chittorgarh, Jahazpur, Manasa, Begun, Kukdeshwar, Dhangadmou, Rampura, Jhantla, Pipliamandi, Bansi, Bassi, Ratlam, Singoli, Badi-Sadri, Keshavraipatan, Kachola...
  • Over 13 Lakh patients in the Netralaya and over 2 Lakh patients through outreach activities have been treated successfully for various eye-ailments.
  • More than 1.3 Lakh surgeries have been successfully performed, out of which some 56,700 have been done under outreach activities.
  • Around 4807 eye donations have been made and 1320 Eyes (Cornea) have been transplanted (Till Jan.-2017) through surgeries.