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Dr.Col.(Retd) Madan Deshpande @ Netralaya

Chief Medical Director of PBMA's H. V. Desai Eye Hospital along with Dr Rajesh Tapse(CEO) have visited Gomabai Netralaya on 14th & 15th April for capacity building. Through GAP Analysis, there was focus on many dimensions like increase in the count of patients, surgeries, Community work, behavioural change and many other aspects of organizational development.

Instrumentation Maintenance Training @ Aravind Eye Care

Gomabai has always been a pioneer institute for personnel training, always strives to make it human resource well updated with the skills and techniques to compete with the modern days demand, this helps in giving the efficient patient care. Mr Vinod Nagda, Senior Technician get trained at Aravind Eye Care Madurai on various clinical & surgical ophthalmic instruments maintenance. 

World Optometry Day: 23rd March

23rd March was marked as World Optometry Day and the following week is observed as World Optometry Week. Gomabai celebrated this day to create awareness about optometry as a profession and on how important is this profession in order to serve the growing needs of eye care across the world 

World Glaucoma week: March 11-17, 2018

Glaucoma is the name given to a group of eye conditions in which the main nerve to the eye (the optic nerve) is damaged where it leaves the eye. This nerve carries information about what is being seen from the eye to the brain and as it becomes damaged vision is lost. This results in misty and patchy vision, with eventual loss of central vision, although this is rare. A Glaucoma awareness session was taken by Gomabai's Doctor at CRPF, Nimach to the personnel & their staff on how important is to get your eyes checked by an optometrist/ Ophthalmologist at a very early stage.


Vision 2020: Optometrist Workshop

Gomabai's association with esteemed organization VISION 2020 INDIA takes part in the "Optometrist Workshop on Standardizing Primary Eye Care". Mr Hemant Purswani ( Optometrist ) was part of this workshop at Pushpagiri Vitero Retinal Institute at Secunderbad where the main objective is to strengthen the Primary Eye care services  

Gomabai APP- Press Release

Successful launch of Gomabai APP was done on  15th Feb at Netralaya premises, where both print and electronic media ( NavBharat, Malwa today, Dashpur express, Patrika, CTV, ETV and many more media people where present)..Event was started with explanation of yet another milestone achieved in terms of technology advancement & on how this APP works and what benefits is been designed for both rural and urban patients. Gomabai has been thriving since its inception to provide better and effecient services to patient, with this APP it becomes the first hospital in Central India to provide online registration facility through Mobile APP.



VISION2020: Workshop

Gomabai's association with esteemed organization VISION 2020 INDIA takes part in the "Training workshop for patient care counselors". Mr Imran Hussain ( Optometrist cum Lasik counselor) was part of this workshop where the main objective is to build capacities of patient care counselors to effectively counsel both paying and non paying patients to undergo surgical treatment.

Vision Rx- Optical Training

Vision Rx Lab is one of the largest ophthalmic Rx lens manufacturers in Asia, offering complete lens solutions ranging from traditional to digital Rx, hard and AR coatings, tinting, glazing and mounting. A training session was arranged for Gomabai Optical& Optom staff on how to increase the sales of lenses by acquainting them with different type & uses of lenses for effective patient care service delivery.

Gomabai Netralaya APP

Netralaya's IT Incharge Mr Mukesh Dhangar was trained at SMT Group, Indore to develop Gomabai Netralaya Android app. This App is a great way to engage with patients and staff at real time. This app is not only convenient, but they allow patients to work with their service provider and can result in a much more favorable outcome to their medical issues and overall health. Just another step towards advancement of technology at Netralaya, this app includes many features of patient's desire like appointments, camp schedule & latest updates of Netralaya etc.

Fire Fighting System

Fire Fighting System has been successfully implemented at Netralaya, where the latest Pressure gauze extinguishers and smoke detectors have been fixed in Netralaya, staff was also trained in different classes of fire and ways to fight it through presentation followed by practical session.



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