About Us


GOMABAI NETRALAYA is one of India's foremost Trust-run Ophthalmic Institutes in Central India. The Netralaya was established in 1992 in NIMACH by Late G.D.Agrawal, in memory of his mother Smt. Gomabai Darbarilal Agrawal ( उदारमना मातुश्री गोमाबाई दरबारीलाल अग्रवाल ) . Since its Inception, it has alleviated the sufferings of lakhs of the rural populace of M.P and Rajasthan. Our annual OPDs are in the range of 1,60,000 plus whereas Surgeries are 13,900 plus, With a fervent mission and aim of delivering "TOTAL EYE CARE FOR ALL", the institution has made rapid strides in equipping itself with top quality doctors, state-of-the-art facilities and world-class technologies.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our vision serves as the framework for our road-map and guides every aspect of our service by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality oriented growth.

Our Vision - "To Deliver global excellence in 'Total eye Care' for all"

Our Mission

  • Deliver 'Total Eye Care' to delight all.
  • Establish world class facilities and harness the benefits of technology for improved patient care.
  • Provide meaningful patient-education for preventive and curative Therapy.
  • Become the most sought after Institution in the society we operate.

Journey Through Figures

Education & Training


Gomabai Netralaya not only works in clinical field but part of our mission is to disseminate our knowledge to medical and paramedical staff. We are providing a full time three year DIPLOMA IN OPHTHALMIC TECHNIQUES affiliated to FOUNDATION OF OPHTHALMIC AND OPTOMETRY RESEARCH EDUCATION CENTRES, DELHI and we are also providing full time two year VISION TECHNICIAN COURSE joining hands to fulfill the grand purpose of developing manpower, which could be utilized for the implementation of National Programme of Visual Impairment and Control of Blindness. This training enables trainees to become competent in providing services in ophthalmic techniques and assisting ophthalmologists in OPD, OT and Ward activities. Gomabai Netralaya conducts various training programs for paramedical staff of partner hospitals of Sightsavers. Gomabai Netralaya also plays a vital role in carrying out clinical assessment to improve the quality care of all partner hospitals of Sightsavers.